Babylon 5 Wars Links

This page includes links to various sites related to Babylon 5 Wars. These are all unofficial sites, run by fans of the game. Please note that no new material presented on these sites is in any way official, and none of these sites are associated with B5W, WB, or Babylon 5.

If you wish to have your own site listed here, send us some Email. In the SUBJECT line include "Babylon 5 Wars Web Site" and in the body, include both the site location and a brief, one-line description like the ones found here.

B5W Message Board: Jeff Hiatt's B5W message board, for informal questions, tactics, online game reports and more!

J-2 Report (formerly B5W Doctrine and Theory): Descriptions and tactics for all ships in the game.

Jeff's B5W Page: contains original ships and miniatures as well a list for players looking for a game or other players

Alex Fulton's B5W Page: Scenarios, new unofficial ships, two new races, play aids, and a damage allocation program

The Hangar:  Product reviews, Miniature Gallery (including painting instructions), Archive area and Chat Room (coming soon)

Chris Upchurch's B5W Page: Scenarios, alternate races and ship designs

Chan Faunce's B5W Page: New ships and new races, the Markon and Nep'ta'le

Brian Greinke's B5W Page: Dedicated to alternate races

Samuel Davidson's B5W Page (UK): AOG Message Archives from all the mailing list digests, plus coming soon new ships, scenarios, etc.

Lukacs Starship Design: Ship designs and hypothetical Vorlons

Narn Regime: Dedicated to the Narn, with tactics, fiction and ships

7th Tactical Wing Headquarters: New ships, new race, scenarios, campaigns, painting tips and a chat room.

EAS Ajax: Join Earthforce! Sign on with the EAS Ajax and her crew!

Mark's Miniatures Page: Photos of painted B5 Wars miniatures

Babylon 5 Campaign Includes tournament fleets, an online campaign, and more!

Shadow's Babylon 5 Wars Campaign Page: Includes tournament fleets, an online campaign, and more!

Agents of Chaos: Specializes in Shadow Allies with a section on theorized Drakh, plus a large number of scenarios

AutoGM: A few on-line tools to make playing B5W (or other games) by PBEM easier.

Sword of Light Online: Playtesting resources and an online PBEM campaign!

Orion Station: Ships and scenarios.

Mad Modeler's Workbench: Dedicated to miniatures (not just B5) but also added new races and SCSs.

B5W: A View of the Gallery: Pictures of B5-Wars miniatures plus assorted odds and ends.

The Technical Readout: New ship designs and rules and scenarios for babylon 5 Wars and other wargames.

Scenarios & Rules: Lots of B5 wars and other gaming stuff, like scenarios and new rules.

Shadowtek Home Page: A great site with loads of unofficial SCS and an Interactive Chat Room.

B5W Empire Simulation: A fun and interactive empire ruling simulation with battles based on the Babylon 5 Wars system

Wolf's Shipyard: A collection of starship drawings of canon B5/B5W ships, as well as fan designs

Wolf's Shipyard Annex: Various ship control sheets of fan designed variants as well as some play aids

Homestead: This is a campaign web site based on the most up to date material in the B5 Wars Universe.

Online Campaigns & Games

Max Natzet is running a play-by-mail Email campaign taking advantage of the new NCW ships.

Greg Kniaz is running a play-by-email B5W tournament using the ships from Earth Wars and earlier products.

Victor Shopov's Babylon 5 Wars PBEM Campaign

ISN News Feed: Includes tournament fleets, an on-line campaign, and more!

Other Links

List of Spaceship Combat Games UPDATED LINK (compiled by Tom Granvold)

Starship Modeler (reviews and details on how to paint B5W miniatures)

Games Unplugged Magazine, an independent, bimonthly games magazine full of reviews, news, cool articles from game designers and industry insiders, and all new SnarfQuest by fantasy artist Larry Elmore.