The Babylon 5 Wars Mailing List

This list is run by Matthew Seidl, a fan of Babylon 5 Wars. It includes questions & answers, game reports, playtest information, and more! To join, send electronic mail to and include the following text in the body of your message:

subscribe babylon5-wars

If you want to see a digest version (i.e., a single email with a batch of messages instead of each message coming individually), use this instead:

subscribe babylon5-wars-digest

Once you subscribe, you'll receive a welcome message explaining how to post messages to the mailing list, and how to remove yourself from it at a later date.

PLEASE NOTE: Anything posted to the Babylon 5 Wars mailing list can be considered a submission to AOG, under the submission guidelines noted in the Core Rules!

Questions & Answers List

There is also a list specifically for questions & answers about B5W. Anything posted to this list is automatically sent to the regular list (above) so there is no reason to subscribe to both, and you don't have to be a member of the Q&A list to post to it. This list is provided only if you want to see the answers to specific questions without trying to follow all the various threads under discussion on the regular list.

To subscribe, send to as above, but include this text in your message body instead:

subscribe b5w-qa

This will get you on the Q&A list. Thanks, and enjoy!