Babylon 5 Wars: Showdowns!

We've been accepting scenario submissions here for a while, and now we're going to make an actual product out of them! This product will appear after League-1, and will include ships from that product, the Core Rules, and War of Retribution. Since we already have a pile of scenarios pitting just the Core Rules ships against each other, we ask that you wait to see War of Retribution (which should be out shortly) and use some of those ships. If you have the League-1 playtest pack (which is no longer available), write up some scenarios using those ships, too! We wouldn't mind a couple of new terrain ideas, either...

Anyway, here are the official rules on submitting scenarios for this product:

In order to submit a scenario, send it to Agent One (the project manager for this supplement) with the following in the subject field:

SCENARIO: Name of Scenario

We want scenarios you have PLAYED, by the way, so don't just whip something up and send it in without trying it. If you have comments and suggestions borne from previous playtesting of the scenario, they will really help.

Of course, there's a format you have to follow. In order to use these, we need a minimum of retyping time. So be sure to follow the format below. Keep it simple! Don't include any weird hanging indents, tabs or tables. If the scenario's not formatted right and will take too much work to fix, we'll probably bypass it no matter how good it is!


SCENARIO: Scenario Name

Player #1 (Race): Player 1's force list (e.g., 2 Omega Destroyers with 24 Starfuries)

Player #2 (Race): Player 2's force list

(Add additional players as necessary. Also, include any special player assignments notes, e.g., if one player's allegiance is not known, or if you want to recommend multiple players on one side if a fleet is very large.)

Set-up rules: Include the location of each force on the map (you can be specific, such as hex 0101, or general, as in "the upper left corner of the map"). Note the presence of neutral units like fixed jump gates, planets, and such, or if there is any terrain. If you are inventing new terrain, be sure to include its rules here.

Victory conditions: Specify how each side can win. This can be as simple as one side beating the other, or a more complex goal like capturing fighters or destroying a particular ship or unit.

Special rules: Here, list anything special that needs to be noted. Examples are: One side has more pre-scenario intelligence than the other; one ship has pre-existing damage; some units have special enhancements (and if you invent something new, be sure to include its rules); some ships are limited in when they can open a new jump gate (probably because they just arrived); some ships can't leave the area for some reason or are limited in speed or formation; etc.

Optional rules: If you need to specify optional rules which must be (or must not be) in use, such as ramming or flight level combat, note it here. You could also create your own optional rules, such as "The Earth ships are experimenting with new technology, and the Hyperions have heavy lasers in place of their plasma cannons." HOWEVER, keep this to a minimum, please! Note that no custom-designed ships will be accepted - use only those published designs found in the Core Rules, War of Retribution, and League-1. (There will very likely be a second Showdowns book after Shadow Wars and Earth Wars, to include scenarios involving the ships that appeared in those products.)

Variations: If you want to include scenario variations, like replacing one side with a different set of forces, you can add this section, but it isn't required.

Comments: Include any playtesting comments or hints for the players.

Designer: List your name (your real name) here. If more than one person collaborated, list each name. You might want to include your email address (if you want to) and your gaming club's name (if you have one).

Note: If we accept your scenario for use in the product, you'll receive a free copy of that product! However, we'll need your full mailing address in order to do this, so be sure to include it with each scenario you submit!