AOG Events at Upcoming Conventions

If you know about an AOG game being run at a convention, or are running one yourself, let us know and we'll list it here!

At AOG con booths this year, you can also purchase miniatures from Fortress Figures! For more information on Fortress products, click on the icon to the right!

Tournament Winners at DragonCon

AOG is pleased to announce the top finishers from this year's DragonCon tournament:

Thanks once again to Michael Lively for running this year's tournament. It continues to amaze us that DragonCon draws more B5W tournament players than Origins and Gen Con combined. You can expect tournaments to continue at this convention for many years to come.

Photos from Gen Con

Here are some pictures of events and miniatures from Gen Con 2001. Thanks to Patrick Philipp for providing these images.

Earth and Minbari get ready to duke it out.

Fortunately, Earth has a line of battle ready to go.

Unfortunately, the Minbari are pretty good at battles involving lines.

Now the Narns and Centauri have a go at it.

Do you really think you Narns can stand up to the might of the Royal Navy?

We are more than prepared to deal with the likes of you fanheads!