The Star Fleet Warlord's Aide is an MS-DOS program available for use FREE by any player of Warlord! Simply click Download the Aide to get a compressed version of the program right now! At 28800 baud it will take a few minutes to download. Once you have it, put it in a directory by itself (like SFWAIDE) and unzip it. Then read the manual file included with the Aide for detailed instructions. Want to read the manual now? Click here: MANUAL.TXT

The Aide is designed to let you manage your ships, enter their orders, and produce an "order file" you can Email directly to Agents of Gaming. This avoids the hassle of dealing with the US Post Office, at least for that leg of the turn sequence. (AOG does not email turns back to you, but relies on the USPS for this...but we're working on alternatives. This web page is the first step in finding a way to offer this service.)

The current version of the Aide possesses the following features:

When you've done your turn, you can generate the "computerized" version of the file and email it to Agents of Gaming. They'll take it from there!