SFW-Omega Official Rules

These are the rules being used for the playtest game of SFW-Omega (game O1). These are subject to change, though I will try not to alter them too heavily once the game has started. --Agent One

UPDATED 2/7/01. Warlord's Aide Users, click here for further instructions. For a Ship List in Excel format, click here.

UDPATED 9/16/02: Official rules for Omega-2 posted. New rules/changes are marked as such.

The playtest game began on 2/7/01.

NOTE: If not altered below, the standard SFW Die Hard rules apply.


The following rules will be used for Game Omega-2 and all future games unless modified later on. After a thorough review of playtest reports, it was decided that the game worked quite well as it was. No race seemed unbalanced over the others, despite the initial beliefs of some players. Some adjustments might still be made if this turns out to not be the case, but such alterations will be kept to a minimum. Bugs in the code will be fixed when reported, and corrections made to resolve their effects as best as is possible. NOTE: It is your responsibility to report any bug, even ones that favor your position. If you do not, and the GM discovers you were aware of a bug and were exploiting it, you may find yourself the recipient of severe penalties or, if simple adjustments to your position don't work, you might have your position deactivated.

Victory Conditions

The game ends at the conclusion of turn 30. The player with the most Die Hard style victory points wins.


There are no civilian ships in SFW-Omega. Each race has their own warp gate type, with stats based on the race's special features. Purchasing ships outside your race is still permitted, but such ships will cost double the listed price or more. Ships you buy outside your race will include any special abilities that would normally apply to that race (e.g., if you buy a Zosman ship it will arrive pre-refitted), but once you have the ship, it will operate under the parameters of your own race. So, if you're the Qixa (who pay double the usual refit cost) and buy a Maesron ship, you will still have to pay double to refit it, because now it's operating under your limitations. NOTE: You cannot buy the Warp Gates of other races!!

Standard supply and demand does not exist in SFW-Omega. That means no matter how many ships of a given type you buy, their cost will not change between turns. If you buy multiple copies of the same hull on the same turn, however, each one after the SECOND will cost a little bit more, since you're overtaxing your shipyards. Some races suffer extra penalties for this. So if your ship had a base price of 100, the first two you bought in any turn would cost 100, the second might be 115, the next 130, and so on. These counts reset each turn.


Combat takes place as it does in the regular game, except that there are no combat tactics.

Other Rules

No loans. No cheap ship sale. 200 ship limit. No stock buying. No monsters at all (not even for buying). No Graveyard of Ships. No Sector Specials.

Most of the ?free item? orders (if you?re new, these will be announced later in the game) are available to all, a change from the original playtest, except as noted in specific racial stats listed hereafter. Only the Hivers may use Free Fighters, and Free PFs are unavailable.


Each player will play one and only one race, and that race will only be played by one person.

Because you don't know what race you'll actually get when you submit your initial sign-up form, your initial build will be automatically selected for you. In this way, everyone will begin play with approximately an equal setup. (In standard games, raw rookies often get off to a bad start because they don't know what to buy in the build.) This will make signing up to play a simple process.

Each race begins in a specific location on the game map. This map is NOT WRAPAROUND. If you try to move off the edges, your move will fail. Playtesters are welcome to test this to see if it functions properly.

Maesron Alliance (M)

Ships tend to be balanced

Start with 200 heavy drones

The only race that can use BOMB

-10% ores income

Home Office is worth 125 EPs/turn

Koligahr Solidarity (K)

Ships tend to have high AFs

+10% income from PL, DP, PG

Bonus starbase order beginning in Y166

Ship support reduced 50%

Prospecting -25%

Cannot use commandos

Vari Combine (V)

Ships tend to be slightly weak

Cheap Warp Gate

Ships using SCAN SHIPS have +2 crew bonus

SCAN TERRAIN pierces unknown terrain

SCAN EPS cost nothing

Bases gain a free LS when created

+50% support fee

Trobrin Empire (T)

Ships tend to have high HPs, but are higher priced

Prospecting returns +25% ores

HO is in an AF

Can TE ores for food at any time with no penalty

Commandos always cost the standard price

Most ships carry commandos

Ships ignore DC, AF, MS

Cannot use the TC or AC order

-50% penalty when prospecting NE or NF terrain

Probr Revolution (P)

Ships tend to be inexpensive

Ships ignore WS and radiation effects from anything but a CS

Home Office in a RZ

Can use the DH order once per turn at no cost

-15% income

Ships do not age and cannot use UPGR

Chlorophon Association (C)

Ships tend to have a high defense factor but low HP

Ships ignore TZ fees

HO located in TZ

All ships have "W" variant (+50% AF/DF in asteroids)

Ships cannot use TRNG

Fortify orders give a +25% bonus

Cannot use fighters on ships and pay double to buy them for garrisons

Hivers (H)

Ships are small, cheap, and use fighters

The only race that can use the FF order

+1 order per turn, and BO 10 or BO PERM earns an extra order

Bases get a free legendary doctor when built

Alunda Host (A)

Ships tend to be tough

Earn a few free fighters each turn

Bonus stats from aging or UPGR orders are doubled

Automatically heal one damage level after any attack

WG is speed-3

Cannot use REFIT or FR

Drex Unity (D)

Ships have +1 crew when built and earn improvements from combat faster

PFs can be bought in Y179

-25% food income per turn or from prospecting

+25% combat bonus if not in any sort of area terrain

Loriyill Collective (L)

Ships tend to have low AFs

All ships fight as though they were at the crew level of the highest ship in the fleet

If attacked, defense rating +25% of attacker's AF

Begin with a SB on their HO

No penalty when trading with the Singers

+25% AF when attacking the Souldra

Destroyed if they enter NF

Worb Technocracy (W)

Ships tend to be large and powerful

+10% PE per turn

Can TE people for food at any time with no penalty

Duplicate ship purchase penalty is 30% (not 15%)

-1 order/turn and get 9 from BO 10 or BO PERM

Ymatrian Horde (Y)

Ships tend to have high AFs, but have low HP and SF

TRNG costs half and can train up to 7

KC order available to train all ship crews (1/turn)

Always gain 3 officers each turn unless using AO, and gain a Prime Team every 5 turns

All ships available at start, but no advanced variants

-10% to income and prospecting

Cannot assign officers to bases

Souldra (S)

Ships tend to be expensive

Gain 10% FP bonus (vs. defender DF) when attacking

Free TBs on ships when bought

+25% bonus when prospecting NF

Immune to NF, and HO is in a NF

No officers or Prime Teams

Iridani Questers (I)

Many ships are "G" variants

No support fees

Ships have a 20% chance of having a free officer when built

WG is slightly cheaper

Can use REFIT on turn 9, but cannot UPGR

FS costs double

Federal Republic of Aurora (F)

Ships tend to have high DFs, but not many designs

Bases have a free LS when bought

Start with BATS and LS on Home Office

Earn only 1 officer per turn

Cannot use the TO order

-15% PE penalty to income

Singer Protectorate (G)

Ships tend to be weak but earn a 1-25% random bonus each combat turn

LB always on

BL free each turn

Buying a third ship of the same type has a 20% penalty, not 15%

Start with 2 WGs

Branthodon Regime

Ignore DC, AF, MS

UPGR gives double the usual combat bonuses

Ships earn aging benefits every 5 turns

+25% income, -25% prospecting

Home Office is in a DC

Bolosco Merchant Guilds (O)

Almost all ships are G variants and have a high DF, but weak AF

TE anytime with no penalty

EG available

Earn a 10% bonus whenever using TC

Optional items always cost the base price

Cannot fortify minor sites, and other fortifications cost 50% more

Cannot use EC and enemy ES orders cost half

Paravian Jihad (U)

Ships have high AFs

Gain a legendary captain every turn along with any other officers, unless using AO

Can use TO on a 1 for 1 basis

Can train to level 7

+100 PE on HO

Cannot use starbase orders, cannot scan except ships or terrain, scan ships at -1 crew level

Nucian Clans (N)

Ships have lots of TBs and are all minesweepers

TBs always cost base price

Are the only race other than the Trobrin who can use the FT order

Sites can make TBs

-25% income penalty

Rynish Enclave (R)

All ships have F and I variants and can DISP

Ships tend to have high HPs but low shields

Repair one level each turn free (similar to having an LE on each ship but without an LE's other abilities)

Immune to DC, AF, MS

Treat NE as SZ

HO is in MS

Dilithium income -50%

Cannot enter the GS

Zosman Marauders (Z)

All ships arrive refitted; FR order unavailable

Gain +50% raid bonus when raiding a site owned by another Corp

Double income on all non-HO sites (theirs or anyone else's)

All ships have cloaks

The only race that can use the FC order

Cannot use the PRSP order

Double REST cost

Cannot use TC

SCAN TERRAIN costs 100 EPs

Ships can only scan terrain or ships

Cannot use TRNG and rarely earn any combat training bonuses

Echarri Dynasty (E)

All ships are G variants and can change their own missions (but are not otherwise I variants)

+15% dilthium income

SJ on HO at all times

EC free each turn and can use ES at half cost

WG is expensive

Few ship designs

Support fee doubled

No fee for LP order

Qixa Amalgamate (Q)

Immune to SZ, AF, DC, MS, RZ, DS, WS, NE

+20% bonus when using TC

Can scan from any terrain

All bases earn free LEs when built

HO is in a NE

Do not lose shields in NE

-25% AF when attacking in all terrain except NE

REFIT costs double

Cannot use FR order

Jindarian Freehold (J)

All ships are slow but powerful

Start with 500 extra EPs

Treated as cloaked whenever in asteroid fields

Immune to AF and get +33% PRSP bonus in AF

WGs in AFs build ships at -20% ore cost

Ships age only on even numbered turns

Setting up the Warlord's Aide for Omega variants

Step 1: Create a new directory for the Omega variant. Call it SFWOMEGA or something like that. Copy all of your existing Aide files into this directory (or unzip the downloaded Aide directly to this location). IMPORTANT: Omega games must be accessed from the SFWOMEGA directory, and regular games from the basic Aide directory. Otherwise, the ship lists will not match.

Step 2: Unzip the Omega ZIP file in the SFWOMEGA directory. When it asks if you want to replace files, say YES to all. This replaces the basic ship templates database (BASIC3.DBF and its index files) with the new Omega ship template database.

That's it. Use the SFWOMEGA directory for Omega games and the old directory for standard games, and you're set.

Unfortunately, the source code for the Warlord's Aide was long ago lost in a freak hard disk accident, so certain races are not going to work and play well with this program. Any race whose letter does not normally appear in the basic game (e.g., E or Y) will be treated as illegal by the Aide. You can, of course, ignore the error report, and the orders you send will still work on this end. The problem is you won't get the same kind of error checking you may be used to, so if you try to buy a ship that isn't available, you won't be aware of the mistake. In such cases, keep an eye on your Ship List. The Aide might also not handle combat estimates properly as certain races were expected to have particular benefits or penalties in various terrains, so keep that in mind as well.

Good luck and enjoy the game! --Agent One