Day Three (May 6)

35 miles, Monroe to Skykomish

Woke up with some kind of food poisoning or something...I'll spare you the obvious unpleasantries. By the time I finally felt better (and could keep down some food), it was late morning. 35 miles of climbing later, it was 4pm and I was facing 16 miles with 3,100 feet of elevation gain. The nearest hotel was still 50 miles away. Even though the last 34 of those promised to be relatively easy, I was afraid by the time I reached the summit at Stevens Pass, I wouldn't have time to reach the hotels in Leavenworth. Sure, I could camp, but the temperature was going to drop close to freezing...forget it.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll begin the day with a lovely ascent, then test my brakes as I drop back down to a reasonable altitude. Here are some photos from today's action:

Every time I feel like giving up, I just look around and see things like this to remind me why I'm here.

Near the end of the day I even had a run-in with Bigfoot...

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