Day Eight (May 11)

87 miles, Sandpoint, Idaho to Libby, Montana

Sorry to not get all the photos uploaded yesterday. I was having real trouble keeping a cell phone signal available to stay online long enough to get the files on the page. You can expect to see more of this problem as I proceed into the less populated areas of the country, but I'll post updates when I can. Anyway, on to today's report.

Some of the best things about a cross country ride is seeing some of the strange road signs you won't find back home. For example, I'd never see anything like this in Dayton, Ohio:

Anyway, spent the day following rivers along through Idaho and into Montana. After the disappointment of not finding a "welcome" sign upon entering Idaho, I kept an eye out for one at the next state line. Here, my bike rests with one wheel in Montana and the other in Idaho. Behind it, the sign tells me my day's half over already (I had gone over 50 miles at this point, with my endpoint 32 more miles ahead) and reminds me to set my watch to Mountain Time. How about that, my bike's front wheel is an hour ahead of me...

This was my eighth day in a row with great weather, and I enjoyed every bit of it. There were some climbs, but nothing like the Pass or the Canyon, and I got to Libby almost 2 hours before dark. Unfortunately, the next hotel is 40 miles ahead, so I had to stop, even though I know tomorrow's ride will have to be another century. I hate to waste daylight, but there was no way I'd make 40 miles in 2 hours, and riding in the dark along a two-lane road with a speed limit of 65 mph is not a good idea, no matter how wide the shoulder is.

Along with great weather came opportunities to see some excellent scenery. Here are some of the better views I enjoyed:

This last one was particularly enjoyable because I had to climb up the hill to get this photo. The ones you earn are always the best.