Bruce Graw's Bikeabout Pages

"Going on walkabout" is all about an escape...getting out on your own, away from civilization (or at least from what's familiar), going places you've never been and learning new things. For me, a longtime cyclist, I added a bicycle to that concept, and what you have is a "bikeabout." Ordinary people would just call this a cycling tour, but that's way too simple for me. I'll always think of these long trips as something more than just an ordinary vacation.

Anyway, here are links to the bikeabouts I've done so far. These pages were posted as the rides happened, and except for adding a few details later, they haven't been altered since.

Bikeabout I: Crossing North America (Washington to Maine), August 2001

Bikeabout II: Pacific Coast (Canada to Mexico), August 2010

Bikeabout III: Germany (Bavarian Lakes Tour), September 2011

Bikeabout IV: Atlantic Coast (Key West to Maine), June 2012

Bikeabout V: Crossing North America Again (California to South Carolina), February 2015

Bikeabout VI: Bikeabout Britain (United Kingdom & Ireland), June 2022