SFW LogoSTAR FLEET WARLORD is the official play-by-mail game of the Star Fleet Universe! While this game uses many of the concepts and ships found in Star Fleet Battles, you do not need to know anything about that game to play Star Fleet Warlord. When you request a rulebook from Agents of Gaming, we'll send you everything you need to join.

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Background: The game is set in the far future. After the General War, the ISC Pacification, and the Andromedan Invasion, the races of the galaxy took a break from open warfare. Galactic Corporations began to appear, devoting themselves to any of a number of credit-making pursuits, and soon the races were backing their operations (secretly, in most cases). When Warp Gate technology was developed, the Corporations rushed to exploit new frontiers, including the largely unexplored Greater Magellanic Cloud. A Galactic Council was soon formed to regulate this and prevent unfair practices. Soon the Corporations were in conflict, buying ships from their sponsor races to fight for territory and resources. To control this, the Council divided the GMC into quadrants, and then awarded each quadrant to the Corporation which could best control its resources.

In Star Fleet Warlord, will play one Corporation as it attempts to take over one of these quadrants of the Greater Magellanic Cloud. Each quadrant corresponds to one full game of SFW. Most quadrants are large, with 50 Corps (players) vying for control. Others are smaller and operate under unusual conditions, depending on the game setup rules. The typical game runs one turn every two weeks; some smaller variants run on three-week or one-week cycles. There are also Historical Games designed for two six-player teams, which run as quickly as the two teams see fit to submit turns.

When you sign up to play, you'll be placed in the next upcoming game. Standard games start about every 5-7 weeks, and last around 20 turns (from 10-12 months of real time). Each turn, we'll send you a report of what happened to your Corporation, along with an orders sheet to fill out and send turns back to us. As the game progresses, you'll buy more ships and your turn and orders sheet will grow steadily. Unlike other play-by-mail games, however, your turn costs don't rise as turns get larger. We charge a single, fixed rate for turns ($6) which will not change as the game progresses.

Agents of Gaming also offers the Warlord's Aide, a computer program for IBM PC & compatibles running MS-DOS 3.3 or greater. This software allows you to keep track of your ships and enter orders for them each turn. Two output formats are then provided: a hardcopy option for your records (or to mail in if you don't have Email access), and a computerized version you can send directly to AOG. This allows you to get turns to us instantly, and with no chance of a GM error or US Mail screwups. (At this time it is not possible for us to Email your turn back to you, or make it available for download. We are working on this.)

Other documents available for Star Fleet Warlord include the following. Just click on the name to visit the page or (for italicized entries) download it to your local disk. All files are in Microsoft Word format for either Mac or Windows.